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Our Heavenly Citizenship

Our Heavenly Citizenship

The Bible is the least complicated book and offers clear-cut answers to all the complexities of life. Many people want to know about the afterlife and about what happens when they leave this world someday. God's Word tells us straightforwardly that there is a glorious heaven reserved for God's righteous family. Within the pages of this book, you will discover the joy of becoming a citizen of heaven and living from a heavenly perspective while walking as a pilgrim on the earth. Read this book and learn the secrets of living joyfully and victoriously as a citizen of heaven. Our Heavenly Citizenship will fill your heart with a hope that heals and give you an unshakeable confidence to face the future:

  • Available in Softcover and eBook
  • Published February 2018
  • 168 Pages

Pastor Leslie Peters and his Wife, Pastor Edna Peters

About the Author

Pastor Leslie Peters is the founder and Senior Pastor of Harvest Celebration Church, a vibrant, Spirit-filled church in Northridge, California, a suburb of Los Angeles. He is a visionary leader with a passion for seeing the end-time harvest of souls reaped both locally and globally. He is also an anointed prophetic psalmist and a skillful worship leader. He is a strong believer in the supernatural and moves freely in the gifts of the Holy Spirit. He is happily married to Pastor Edna Peters.

Additionally, Pastor Peters is an author with a great vision. He enjoys releasing interesting books that will draw people into having life-changing encounters with God. 

Coming Soon...
Jesus - Our Rescuing Knight

What do you do when the odds are stacked against you? Where do you turn to when you're faced with a seemingly insurmountable problem? Does it feel as though you're under siege and the enemy has blocked every avenue of escape? Well, there is no need to despair any longer. Simply call upon Jesus in faith and like a knight in shining armor he will come and rescue you. "Jesus — Our Rescuing Knight" is merciful, compassionate, and a true defender of the weak. He is a rock, a fortress and a shelter from the storms of life.


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